The Crusade of Cardinal Malcolm R , a backward march to division and chaos

Posted on November 13th, 2010 -ලංකාවෙබ්

By Charles.S.Perera

The ” Christian fundamental precepts” the Cardinal had presented to the LLRC are not divine revelations. When the Buddha spoke of them in his discourses  2600 years ago  they were revolutionary thoughts  to an ancient  Indian society  following a strict Vedic and Hindu caste system, under a feared Monarchy.

a) (fidelity to ) the truth ( sacca)
b) respectful to the human dignity (karuna)
c) the equality of all human beings (metta)
d) well being and development of all segments of society (sabbe satta bhavantusukhitatta),
e) good Governance (dhammappasasana)

The Cradinals “fundamental precepts”  were condensed by the Great Buddha into:

“By birth is not one an outcaste,
By birth is not one a brahmin.
By deeds is one an outcaste,
By deeds is one a brahmin “

In Sri Lanka these Buddhist principles were observed by the Sinhala Buddhists.  The observance of these principles called “fundamental precepts” by the Cardinal, were neither charity nor maitriya as the Cardinal had  emphasised.  It was the part of the culture of the people. In a country where a majority was Sinhala and Buddhist, there was lot of tolerance towards foreign religions introduced by the Colonialists, respect to all beings irrespective of their , cast, colour religion, and respect to all living  creatures.

The Cardinal does not understand the culture of the Sinhala people, he is brain washed to believe in a God, to extend the God’s love only to the human beings.  The Sinhala Buddhists are different , they need  not be told of maitriya-  the love that comes from within them which they extend to all living beings. 

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Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith’s Agenda

Posted on November 6th, 2010

Dinesh Paiva

 Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, the religious figure of the Sri Lankan Catholic Church, seems to be becoming something of a joke ever since he was appointed a cardinal by the Pope. He appears to have a assumed a new arrogance and is now running about trying to tell everyone else what they should be doing when there are a myriad of issues in the Catholic Church that need to be put right first.

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith needs to decide whether he is a politician or a man of the cloth.

 The Cardinal’s latest bombastic statements to the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) seemed to be steeped in ignorance and are deeply prejudicial to ethnic harmony and peace building in Sri Lanka. Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith appears to believe that certain parts of Sri Lanka belong exclusively to particular ethnic groups – in this case, he appears to believe that the north and east of Sri Lanka belong exclusively to Tamils and thus should not be open to non-Tamils. He chides the return of non-Tamils to parts of their country which have been out of bounds for more than 25 years.

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Posted on November 10th, 2010 -ලංකාවෙබ්

Malin Abeyatunge

It’s appalling to read the most outrageous statement from a  religious leader Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith Fernando at the LLRC Commission. He alleged to have said that Quote Colonization of the North and East and attempts made to change the demographic areas in the North and East could create fear among the people in the region, His Eminence Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith said.

 “It is observed by many that there are new settlements that could change the demography of the North and East. This is seen as a wave of colonization with tacit government approval,” Cardinal Ranjith said. He said there was a fear of large-scale colonization of the North and East, “which could lead to a feeling among the Tamils of a “ƒ”¹…”cultural invasion’ of their traditional areas of residence”.

This  goni billa fear of colonization is not with the Tamils or Muslims in the North and East but appears to be with the Catholic Church. They fear that it will weaken the foothold they hold in the North and East if Sinhala Buddhists from South move to the North and East. Whilst talking of  reconciliation he is simultaneously trying to poison the ordinary Tamils in the North and the East against the Sinhala Buddhists by bringing non existent” colonization scandal?


Reasons that Christian padres give at LLRC for the conflict is a ruse.

Posted on November 12th, 2010 -ලන්කාවෙබ්

Herold Leelawardena

When LTTE was wiped out with all its combat leaders, sensible people thought Tamils would give up their fight for Eelam and negotiate with the government for a settlement. But Tamils never wanted to give up their original goal. Some demanded 13A, and some others 13 plus, and others federal, yet more con-federal and the Diaspora self rule. But each one of them said it is only for a starter. Meaning, the endgame is Eelam.

 Apart from the above demands, Diaspora Tamils kept up the pressure on the government through various tactics to reach their goal. They brought bogus charges such as war crimes. They spread the news of a plan to revive the LTTE rump as a guerrilla force. They set up an Eelam government, TGTE in the sky.

 Indeed one Western News paper reported an interview with a guerrilla commander at a jungle camp in Sri Lanka just a few months back. Another reported on how hundreds of new Piripaharans are getting ready for a final Eelam war. In the face of such belligerent exploits only a naive government could pull back the army to barracks.

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The most cardinal thing about Rev. Cardinal Malcolm Ranjit representations made to the LLRC Commission

Posted on November 6th, 2010 ලන්කාවෙබ්

Dr. Sudath Gunasekara 5.11.2010.

 Reading through what was said by Cardinal Malcolm Ranjit before the LLRC few days back I got the feeling that the LTTE machinery is still not dead. With all respect to him as a respected Cardinal of the Catholic Church I am convinced to believe so when I evaluate what he has said this week together with his past behavior on this issue. For as every one knows right through out he has been supporting this terrorist movement while opposing the government’s attempts to eradicate the LTTE.

 I reproduce the main issues highlighted by the Cardinal at the LLRC as they were reported in the press.

1 Only a political solution could address the grievances of the minorities.

2 The Sinhala Only Act and several other laws, particularly the 1972 Constitution, introduced by different governments had caused ethnic tensions and created the situation leading to a bloody war

3 Colonization schemes in the Northern and Eastern Provinces are another cause of ethnic tension.

4 Any attempt to change the ethnic ratio in the Northern and Eastern Provinces though colonization could cause ethnic trouble.

5 A major shortcoming in the public sector was the inability of the public servants to communicate in Tamils

He also has called for meaningful measures in the post-war era to restore confidence among the minorities as part of a strategy to prevent bloodshed in the future (I do not know as to what exactly he meant by this assertion)

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Returning to the Church’s Old Ways?

Posted on November 20th, 2010 -ලංකාවෙබ්

Susantha Goonatilake

 Malcolm Ranjith, the faithful disciple of the Pope and his new Cardinal has made two wrong submissions to the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC). One was falsely blaming the adoption of Sinhala as the medium of Government and second, asserting that there are exclusively “Tamil Only” Northern and Eastern Provinces to which the Sinhalese should be barred. Both of these are mischievous LTTE positions.

 “Sinhala only” with the “Reasonable Use of Tamil” soon following, was adopted so that locals who did not know English (only around 2% could) might do their work. Such use of local languages following decolonisation was also adopted by the Catholics in the Second Vatican Council. Consequently Catholic mass is held in Sri Lanka today in both Sinhala and Tamil. As for the Northern and Eastern Provinces, the so-called Tamil Homelands fiction has been thrown out by historians with only the LTTE and the Catholic Church supporting it.

 Catholic connections with the separatists’ project are well recorded. The founder of the International Tamil Studies Conference which became the intellectual face of the LTTE was Father Thani Nayagam. Catholic priests in LTTE Pongu celebrations drew the boundaries of Tamil Eelam. And Father Emmanuel, the former Vicar General of Jaffna, who justified LTTE suicide bombings in the Independent newspaper, is now contesting for the post of LTTE chief. And a 1999 report in ZENIT the propaganda organ of the Vatican finds Ranjith himself giving the LTTE version of the war. Christians are truly turning the other cheek on Sri Lanka.

 But Malcolm Ranjith had been very selective before. When the West, including enlightened Catholics, condemned the Pope’s silence on mass sexual abuse of children by the Catholic Church, he expressed “solidarity and support” for the Pope. Instead of being ashamed, Malcolm called the Western criticism “an organised and malicious attack by international media”. He wrote to the Pontiff to express “communion with the Pope and the Church” and called for Sri Lanka Catholics to pray, not for the abused children, but “to pray for Pope Benedict XVI and his intentions”. Ranjith also objected to our school text books that described past Catholic actions against the country. But such past Catholic atrocities are easily accessible from church records themselves.

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