Posted on November 10th, 2010 -ලංකාවෙබ්

Malin Abeyatunge

It’s appalling to read the most outrageous statement from a  religious leader Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith Fernando at the LLRC Commission. He alleged to have said that Quote Colonization of the North and East and attempts made to change the demographic areas in the North and East could create fear among the people in the region, His Eminence Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith said.

 “It is observed by many that there are new settlements that could change the demography of the North and East. This is seen as a wave of colonization with tacit government approval,” Cardinal Ranjith said. He said there was a fear of large-scale colonization of the North and East, “which could lead to a feeling among the Tamils of a “ƒ”¹…”cultural invasion’ of their traditional areas of residence”.

This  goni billa fear of colonization is not with the Tamils or Muslims in the North and East but appears to be with the Catholic Church. They fear that it will weaken the foothold they hold in the North and East if Sinhala Buddhists from South move to the North and East. Whilst talking of  reconciliation he is simultaneously trying to poison the ordinary Tamils in the North and the East against the Sinhala Buddhists by bringing non existent” colonization scandal?

 Catholic Church has always been an ardent supporter of the LTTE in the North and East and there was no secret about it. The brutalities LTTE committed on the innocent civilians in the NCP and the South were never heard or seen by the Catholic Church and they continue to keep mum when hundreds of innocent villagers (all Buddhists) were brutally killed by the LTTE terrorists. (in fact, speculation is that Prabhakaran was a born Catholic or a converted Catholic). The Bishop of Vavuniya Rasayappu Joseph and Jaffna Bishop T. Soundranayagam  have been right throughout molly coddling the LTTE and we know that. Whilst Rev Joseph was  calling the LTTE terrorists as MY BOYS , Rev Soundranayagam  was preaching that the LTTE is the sole representative of the Tamils. Then comes the Rev. Emanuel in London who is the brain behind the Global Tamil Forum (GTF) who once equated Prabhakaran to Jesus Christ.

 And now the Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith Fernando and the Catholic Church have now come out with a subtle plan to set the Tamils against the Sinhalese  by bringing a non existent Sinhala colonization in the North and East. Let me remind the learned cardinal that Sri Lanka belongs to all ethnic communities namely Sinhalese, Muslims, Tamils, Burghers, Malays and other minority ethnic groups. Now that the country is saved from the grips of the brutal LTTE terrorists, all can live in peace wherever he wishes to live. His comments at LRRC propagates a separate ethnic divisions in the North and East for the Tamils and support a monolithic enclave for the Tamils. Then he talks about cultural invasion. Does he aware that  all Buddhist Temples have a Devale for Hindu deities ? How about cultural invasion by Tamils and Catholics in Wellawatte and Kotahena? How about the Catholic invasion in the coastal belt of Sri Lanka? Unfortunately or fortunately Sinhala Buddhists don’t talk about it. It’s a pity to see that there is a devil hidden under the saintly garb he wears. Lastly, I asked one of my catholic friends what comes first “ƒ”¹…”the country or the religion’ and unhesitatingly he said religion. Likewise, if I ask the same question from Rev Malcolm Ranjith Fernando, he may response with the same reply as his allegiance and patriotism would be to that State  called Vatican (now that he got a promotion in the Catholic hierarchy) and not to Sri Lanka.  


  1. A. Sooriarachi Says: 
    November 10th, 2010 at 6:05 pmIf these reports are accurate (I hope the Cardinal would deny having said this) then, does all this mean, the Catholic Church relied upon the success of Prabakaran’s dirty work of eliminating non-catholics from the North and East, and is now jittery it would be rectified?
    Does this also mean that the Church has a grand plan to convert Hindus in SriLanka, including in Central hills, and those in Tamil Nadu to create a Christian Tamil State, encompassing both TamilNadu and parts of SriLanka?
    With all this “cloak and dagger type happenings”, Sri Lanka needs the continued services of a strong and patriotic leadership.
  2. Nanda Says: 
    November 10th, 2010 at 8:22 pmI hope Cassandra will now accept that Catholic church supports LTTE.
  3. Lorenzo Says: 
    November 10th, 2010 at 10:55 pm“Catholic Church has always been an ardent supporter of the LTTE in the North and East and there was no secret about it.”With all due respect, I completely disagree with this. This is an overkill. It was only sections of the church. Others were incompetent and impotent. That’s all.However, I believe that (what anti-Sri Lankans call) colonization is the only way to bring lasting peace to this island nation. Ethnic distribution in the north must be artificially altereted to be more Sri Lankan than Tamil Nadu. At the moment the north looks more like Tamil Nadu than Sri Lanka.
  4. cassandra Says: 
    November 11th, 2010 at 12:07 amNanda,No, I do NOT now accept that the Catholic Church supports the LTTE.As I have previously said , there is little doubt that some clergy in the North and East supported the LTTE but it is not correct to say that the Catholic Church as a whole supported or supports the LTTE.
  5. Suman Says: 
    November 11th, 2010 at 3:46 amDuring the past 30 years, LTTE brutally killed many Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim priest; but they never touched a Catholic or Christian priest. Why?They attacked many Buddhist temples and destroyed sacred places and monuments, Muslim mosques and mercilessly killed devotees by spraying bullets; but they never touched a single church. Why?In Sri Lanka, almost all the Buddhist temples, we find Hindu Devalayas. Hindu rituals and culture are not alien to Buddhists. This is because Buddhists are tolerant and respect other religions. They do not convert others.Can someone cite a single Catholic or Christian Church with a Hindu Devalaya in their premises?
  6. jay-ran Says: 
    November 11th, 2010 at 6:53 amNeeds to remind those who say Catholic Church was not supporting LTTE that those hich catholic Priests at Madhu CARRIED THE MADHU SHRINE INTO LTTE HELD AREAS SAYING FOR SAFETY INSTEAD OF TAKING TO GOVT AREAS.Although many Catholics do not like to admit Catholic Church desire ITS A FACT as they are anti BUDDHISTS!!!
  7. Siri Says: 
    November 11th, 2010 at 11:20 amLet us not get carried away by all this anti – catholic talk. We just ended one war and have no need to start another issue. I am a catholic, but a Sri Lankan first and a catholic second. Most Sinhalese catholics will tell you the same. I cannot speak for the Tamil catholics. Most of them have no loyalty to their mother country or to anybody except themselves and their advancement. They like to pick and choose their loyalities. The Tamil Bishops and priests belong to this category. The Priests at the Madhu church are the same. They went behind Prabakaran when it suited them at the time. I am surprised that Malcolm Ranjit does not see the change in demography in Kotahena and Wellawatte. He went to school in Mutwal and now lives in Borella. He should notice that the Tamils have colonized these areas now. They are moving towards Wattala next. Malcolm Ranjit is a stooge of the west and tries to please them to get funding from the western powers. Thirty years ago the Tamil population in these areas was much less than it is today. This is colonization under our very nose, but nobody talks about it. We should disregard stupid statements made by this troublemaker and instill patriotism in our citizens. We should not condemn a whole group of Sri Lankan Citizens because of an idiotic remark from one of them. This Cardinal should be advised by the more senior and wise Bishops of the Sri Lankan Catholic Church to spend more time in prayer like Cardinal Cooray did and not dabble in politics which he knows nothing about.
  8. DEE Says: 
    November 11th, 2010 at 12:27 pmThe Catholic Church, as everyone knows, is led by a racist former Nazi supporter from Germany. Its not surprising that the Catholic church of Sri Lanka is sympathetic toward another barbarian like Hitler – namely Prabhakaran – and his racist terrorist organization. These religious elements have always acted like vultures where violence by the tamil terrorists prevailed not only against the Sinhala Buddhist majority but also the Muslim community, and they were always there to grab the spoils.
  9. Nanda Says: 
    November 11th, 2010 at 8:28 pmCassandra,
    Can the people in any country colonize the same country ?
    If the cardinal is talking this kind of nonsence why can’t one say Catholic church supports LTTE ? He is the head and not a single priest spoke against it. This is the proof that Church is supporting “weakening of Sihala speaking people” to put it in another way. Do you agree to this ?

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